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What Is A Pressure Relief Mattress?

Pressure relief mattress is explicitly designed to aid the difficulty of pressure ulcers. It provides good support to both the head and body. Therefore, helping to relieve stress on specific pressure points of the body. This pressure relieving mattress feature ultimately leads to more relaxed muscles, and you can gain sound sleep due to that.

The significant difference between a regular and a pressure mattress is its air pockets. These pockets offer a smooth surface while taking care of comfort and support. So you don’t feel uncomfortable while sleeping on your bed. Plus, pressure ulcers stay away.

Who Are Pressure Relief Mattresses For?

Pressure relieving mattresses are the most appropriate choice for people who suffer from medical conditions, such as pressure ulcers. Usually, the following kind of people benefit from a pressure reducing mattress:

  • People who tend to spend extended hours in bed
  • People who are physically/mentally disabled and have become bedridden due to that
  • People who can’t independently move on the bed
  • People who just have had surgery and need to spend additional time in bed
  • People who quickly develop bedsores or pressure ulcers

Anyone who suffers from a pressure-related problem should opt for a pressure mattress.

How Does A Pressure Relieving Mattress Work?

A pressure relief mattress consists of several air pockets, which maintain high comfort and support for the sleeper. What makes this medicare mattress even better is that the air in its bags can be altered as per the sleeper’s preferences. Therefore, providing pressure on required points while relieving stress from the points where it isn’t necessary.

In short, with a pressure relieving mattress, you can adjust the pressure according to the medical needs of the person. It helps the sleeper avoid significant issues like pressure ulcers and bedsores. The medicare mattress also supports getting rid of skin irritations with its smooth surface.

Why Pressure Mattresses Aid Sleeping For Those With Pressure Sores?

When a person spends extended periods in their beds and remains in the same position, they tend to develop pressure ulcers. It happens due to the continuous pressure application on specific body points. But with a pressure relieving mattress, the stress on these body points can be reduced by adjusting the air in its pockets.

If you are thinking about how long does it take to get bedsore? Let us inform you that it can develop within 2-6 hours. Not to worry, the best mattress for pressure ulcers will aid in that as well.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Pressure Relief Mattress

If you want to opt for the best mattress for pressure ulcers, you will have to keep a few things in mind. These factors will help you choose the most appropriate pressure relieving mattress and pressure-relieving comfort foam. The aspects include:

Mobility of the Patient

People who fail to move on their own without any support need an adjustable pressure relieving mattress. It will help in changing their pressure every once in a while to avoid pressure ulcer formation. A pressure-relieving comfort foam will provide additional support here. So the person can stay in bed comfortably.

Mattress Design: Adjustable Mattress or Low-Tech Mattress

A pressure relieving mattress that includes an adjustable feature is most appropriate in the majority of cases. But even a low-tech mattress can be accompanied by a pressure-relieving comfort foam that will provide excellent results. It depends on the person’s exact medical condition about which of the best mattress for pressure ulcer you choose.

Mattress Filler: Water, Air, Fiber, Foam, or Gel?

When the person needs additional support for their pressure ulcers, a water-filled pressure relieving mattress will be great for them. But in case they have to change the pressure now and then, the medical air mattress will be better. Contrastingly, a foam mattress adjusts according to the sleeper’s body, and gel options offer more comfort. You can choose one based on the person’s preferences.

Lateral Rotation Mattresses

Patients who deal with other problems like pulmonary or gastrointestinal issues need to opt for the lateral rotation pressure relief mattress. It helps in rotating the person and providing additional relief from pressure. Immobile patients will also benefit from these medical air mattresses as they can be easily moved around by the caregiver.

Have Pressure Ulcers Already Developed?

In case the person is already dealing with pressure ulcers, they will need the best mattress for pressure ulcers according to their condition. When they have slight pressure ulcers, they can go on with a standard pressure relief mattress. However, if the situation has become severe, they will need more hi-tech alternatives.

How Much Pain is the Patient Already Experiencing?

If the pain is severe for the person, they will need a more advanced medicare air mattress with adjustable pockets. It will offer them more support on the specific body points. Otherwise, standard pressure relieving mattresses with proper weight distribution will solve their purpose.

Key Takeaways

All in all, we can say that a pressure relief mattress helps people who stay in bed for a longer duration. It provides them proper comfort and support with its air pockets. Plus, you can opt for the best pressure relieving mattress according to the person’s medical condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Prevent Bedsores?

To avoid bedsores, you can keep the patient’s skin properly clean and dry. In case they already have dry skin, you can apply some lotion. Further, you can keep the sheets on a pressure-relieving mattress crease-free. All this will prevent friction and, ultimately, bedsores.

How long does it take To Get Bedsore?

When a specific part of the body doesn’t get proper blood for at least 2-3 hours, its skin becomes sore. It will first be a red, painful spot, but it gradually turns purple, and the pain goes away. However, this healing process can sometimes take months or years.

Can You Die From Bedsores?

Depending on bedsores’ condition and whether or not you treat them, yes, you can die of bedsores. The problem can be divided into four parts based on their severeness:

Stage 1: Itchy, hurting, and burning sensation with a red color spot
Stage 2: The spot turns into a blister or sore, and it can have severe pain
Stage 3: The spot takes the shape of a crater and shows below-the-skin damage
Stage 4: A large wound appears on the spot, and the risk of infection is involved

Stats show that over 60,000 people die every year because they don’t treat their pressure ulcers on time. You can use a pressure mattress to avoid them altogether.


Does Medicare Typically Pay For A Pressure Relief Mattress?

If your medical expert recommends buying a pressure-relieving mattress, you can get it covered under Medicare Part B’s Durable Medical Equipment. You can consult the doctor about the same and see how they can help you out with the pressure mattress.

Will Private Insurance Cover A Pressure Relief Mattress?

The answer to this query relies upon your insurer’s terms and conditions. You can ask them whether they cover the expenses of medical equipment. But in any case, your doctor must have made the pressure relief mattress ‘medically necessary’ for the patient. Only then can you get it covered.

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