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Psychiatric Room

All of Medtrica’s SolaCare mattress models can be constructed for use in psychiatric rooms.

There are not any Zippers, Flaps or Handles on psychiatric mattresses.

The most common SolaCare models used for psychiatric rooms are the SolaCare Standard and Symmetry mattresses.

SolaCare Symmetry Psychiatric

The SolaCare Symmetry Psychiatric Mattress is specifically engineered for lasting optimum performance because it is constructed with better pressure reducing materials.

Comfort, Safety and Durability is directly addressed with the: 2 Layer, 1 Zone design, 100% medical grade fabric and green friendly foam; Firm internal foam side rails and Optional Anti-sheer Liner.

Cover fabric options are:

  1. Dartex™ 4 way stretch – industry leading pressure reducing fabric
  2. 70D Nylon – non butyl backed

Why Dartex™?  Dartex™ stretch fabrics are unmatched in comfort, safety and durability, offering greater MVT rates and the ability to stand up to harsh chemical cleaning agents.

Why 100% 70D Nylon?  100% 70D Nylon fabric is more durable and comfortable than the commonly used butyl backed 70D Nylon fabric.

The Symmetry mattress accommodates patients up to 450 lbs and is Latex Free.

No Cost Options are: No Internal Foam Side Rails; Sloped/Angled Heel Section

50% Pressure Relief and 50% Pressure Redistribution Capabilities – (when using Dartex™ fabric covers)

For Braden Scale 3 and 4 usage

Exceeds OEM bed frame manufactures mattress specifications;

All materials are: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static; stain and tear resistant; radiolucent; Latex and artifact free;

Exceeds fire standards Cal TB 117, 16CFR-1632; Optional fire barrier to meet Cal TB 129, 16CFR 1633, BFC IX 11

Quantity Discounts Available.

Custom Sizing & Construction Available.

Downloads: Psychiatric Symmetry Mattress Brochure

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