O.R. Table Straps

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Product Information

  • Amsco® Style – Vinyl & Nylon Vinyl & Nylon construction w/ Vinyl covered padded Abdominal Panel
  • Amsco® Style – Rubber w/Metal Buckles or Hooks (5″W Abdominal Panel)
  • Amsco® style Rubber w/ Metal Buckles or Hooks
  • Amsco® Style – Rubber w/High Density Plastic Buckles (5″W Abdominal Panel)
  • Amsco® style: Size: 96″L x 2″W w/ High Density Plastic cam action buckles
  • Nylon strap w/ hook & loop (Velcro® style) on the same side
  • Vinyl strap w/ hook & loop (Velcro® style) on the same side
  • Spine board strap
 For OR/Surgery Table usage, etc.
1 year Full Warranty 
Straps are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static & stain and tear resistant
Straps are non-magnetic, artifact-free and Latex free.
All materials exceed fire standards Cal TB 117 and CFR 1632 

Custom Sizes Available



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