Bariatric Mattress

As common sense would dictate, for someone who is ‘heavy’, a normal mattress would not offer an equal level of comfort as a bariatric bed mattress would. When you factor in the excessive weight on a regular mattress, deformations are bound to occur, that’s why a bariatric mattress for heavy people is the right fit and it offers shocking benefits as well.

Special construction to support the body – A bariatric bed mattress employs special construction for clinically overweight or obese people. So that they do not develop bedsores and pressure ulcers over a short period of time. A bariatric mattress comprises of features that are neither needed nor found in any ordinary mattress, for example, multiple layers of different types of foam, cushions of air that consists of alternating pressure, static float, and an auto firm that shifts pressure when you toss around from sleeping on your back to either side.

Due to the heaviness, a normal mattress would sink lower and offer very little resistance to the downward gravitational pull and in turn, it would damage the skin tissues causing sores.

Multiple layers of foam employed in this mattress ensure that a heavy-set individual enjoys his/her sleep time as much as a slim or a non-heavy individual.

Best-quality for everybody – It is not true that bariatric mattresses are only for the obese kind. In fact, they were designed for medical reasons that accommodate people of average height and weight.

Bariatric products in general, stand the test of time, even when used by obese or the heavy-set individuals. In the market, you will find not only bariatric bed mattresses but also other products like beds, frames, chairs, commodes, wheelchairs, etc.

Offers temperature regulation – When you sink deeper into a mattress, the more heat it traps. You would want to buy a mattress that allows ventilation and has several cooling layers to facilitate the air flow. A bariatric bed mattress by Medtrica is designed with latex-free fabrics, such as Dartex or 70D Nylon that are the industry leading products known to offer maximum comfort, durability, safety and even facilitate easy cleaning.

As a general rule of thumb, conduct ample research before investing into a bariatric mattress since these tend to be a bit more expensive than the normal mattresses but all for the right reasons. Also, pick a trusted brand over a cheaper variety, since health-related considerations cannot be made lightly.