Original Equipment Manufacturing

Original Equipment Manufacturing
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Premium medical supplies for caregivers… and for our competition.

Since February of 2004, Medtrica has been manufacturing premium quality medical products for caregivers as well as for medical wholesalers (private label medical supplies).

Currently, Medtrica has 3 manufacturing facilities: one on the West Coast and two in the North East, with sales offices in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

Capabilities and Experience

We manufacture over 600 unique products, and even so, we have the capacity to produce more than 10,000 units/month, and can increase that when necessary, because we believe you shouldn’t have to wait.

We offer customizing of all components of a product (including sizing) to meet the needs of each facility, and we offer competitive pricing and non-prorated warranties on most products. (So if, for some reason, something goes wrong with one of our warrantied products, we’ll replace it at no cost to you.)


Medtrica Solutions is committed to ensuring quality products for our customers.

To maintain top Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) quality and durability standards, regular third party ISO quality control audits are performed for our OEM partners.

You can be fully confident that the quality of the products you buy is guaranteed.

And because we know that patient safety and comfort is important to you, these factors are engineered into the design and materials we use. After all, the foam materials we use is green friendly – so we help take care of our planet as well as everyone who uses the products we manufacture.

For foam-based products, you can expect superior foam densities that maintain consistent pressure-reducing properties over the life span of the product (not just the first year or two).

When you’re ready to talk to us about your specific needs, we’ll be happy to provide you with a general overview and/or detailed product information. Nationwide field support is available, just give us a call.

The Endo Socks have been used at North York General Hospital for 4 months. The Socks and Tip Protectors go on as soon as the scope has been reprocessed. They are a quick easy way to determine whether or not an Endoscope has been reprocessed. It also is a means of infection control to prevent cross contamination in the rooms. The tip protectors are saving the chips from being damaged.

Dawn Atwell RN, BScN, CPN