Endoscopy & Respiratory Products

Endoscopy Bedside Pre-cleaning Kits

From Appli-kits, Bedside pre-clean kits for endoscopes and pre-soaked sponges highly absorbable DuraSponges and Tip Protectors, to help pre-clean your instruments and protect them.

All of our products are easy to use and are made with 100% medical grade, Green Friendly foam and non-toxic, highly effective, detergent concentrate and solution.

Our protection products are also designed to work quickly and practically — when and how you need them.

  • Appli-Kit


    Stable wide clear pouch for easy fluid transfer and direct view of the solution

  • D-Zyme Sponge

    D-Zyme Concentrate

    Add up to 500ml of water to the clear plastic basin, then soak and squeeze the sponge to
    activate the D-Zyme Enzymatic Detergent Concentrate

  • D-Zyme Sponge

    D-Zyme Sponge

    Delivers 30ml of Low Foaming d-zyme enzymatic detergents solution containing 3 enzymes – Protease, Amylase and Lipase, PLUS Surfactant Detergents to break down proteinaceous bioburden during the preclean of surgical instruments

  • DuraSponge


    DuraSponge™ retains up to 15% more cleaning solution than standard sponges or paper based wipes.  It is compatible with all types of enzymatic and disinfecting solutions.

  • Endoscope Tip Protectors

    Endoscope Tip Protectors

    Semi rigid expandable mesh for protecting Endoscopes and delicate surgical tools during transport and storage; also allows for safe drying without dangerous moisture build-up.

  • Scope Sleeve

    Scope Sleeve

    Provides a barrier from Physical contact.

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