• How to protect your endoscope
    How to protect your endoscope | March 10, 2017 News

    Let’s start this guide to protecting your endoscope with some important definitions. First of all, what is an endoscope? If you’re not familiar, an endoscope is a long tube with lights and a camera attached which your doctor will use to view the inside of a patient’s digestive tract. This can mean any part of […] Read more...

  • Performing Endoscopy Preventative Maintenance
    Performing Endoscopy Preventative Maintenance | March 10, 2017 News

    What is an endoscope? In short, it’s flexible tubing with an attached camera that a doctor uses to view the insides of a patient’s body without having to make an incision or perform a surgery. The internal organs are viewed on a screen in the operating room. The doctor can also use tongs or scissors […] Read more...

  • Medical Equipment Cleaning Tips on Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization of Devices
  • USA Veterans Affairs
    USA Veterans Affairs | February 11, 2014 News

    United States Department of Veteran Affairs Contract # V797P-2040D has been awarded to Medtrica Solutions, Ltd starting 11/15/11 with a 5 year option to extend the contract to 11/14/21. The contract covers the majority of Medtrica’s product line and is open to all US Government branches and facilities Please follow and like us: Read more...

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