• Velcro Straps

    Know what are the Benefits of Velcro™ Safety Straps on OR Table

    It is a normal operating procedure to safely strap a sedated patient on the OR table, unless this part is double and even triple-checked, mishaps are bound to occur. As many case histories have emerged in the most recent times where patients have fallen off the OR table or weren’t tightly strapped in while some of the complex surgeries were being performed on them, ... Read More

  • Gait Belt

    Here’s How You Can Use Gait Belt for the Mobility Assistance

    A gait belt comes in really handy when you have to lift someone, transfer them to/from bed to wheelchair or simply assist them in movements. A patient needs to be at least partially capable of holding onto their own body weight. Whether you are a caregiver or just someone helping out your loved one, you must accustom yourself with the proper body mechanics required to... Read More

  • Bariatric Mattress

    Shocking Benefits of Bariatric Mattress for Heavy People

    As common sense would dictate, for someone who is ‘heavy’, a normal mattress would not offer an equal level of comfort as a bariatric bed mattress would. When you factor in the excessive weight on a regular mattress, deformations are bound to occur, that’s why a bariatric mattress for heavy people is the right fit and it offers shocking benefits as well. Read More

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    Performing Endoscopy Preventative Maintenance

    What is an endoscope? In short, it’s flexible tubing with an attached camera that a doctor uses to view the insides of a patient’s body without having to make an incision or perform a surgery. The internal organs are viewed on a screen in the operating room. The doctor can also use tongs or scissors with the endoscope to remove tissue for biopsy, which is a far le... Read More

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    How to Protect your Endoscope

    Let’s start this guide to protecting your endoscope with some important definitions. First of all, what is an endoscope? If you’re not familiar, an endoscope is a long tube with lights and a camera attached which your doctor will use to view the inside of a patient’s digestive tract. This can mean any part of the digestive system, from the mouth to the anus. The... Read More

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    USA Veterans Affairs

    United States Department of Veteran Affairs Contract # V797P-2040D has been awarded to Medtrica Solutions, Ltd starting 11/15/11 with a 5 year option to extend the contract to 11/14/21. The contract covers the majority of Medtrica’s product line and is open to all US Government branches and facilities Read More

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