Therapeutic Bed Mattress

Therapeutic bed mattress helps troubled sleepers get a good night’s rest. Those who find it hard to get a satisfying rest at night, toss and turn quite a bit or often wake up in sweat, will find comfort and relaxation with a therapeutic mattress. Although someone who has suffered a grave injury or is medically advised to stay in bed for an extended period must also use a therapeutic bed mattress for speedy recovery.

Not all medical facilities are equipped with a therapeutic bed mattress and neither are all therapeutic bed mattresses designed the same way, but upgrading to this scientifically designed modern marvel has numerous health benefits, some of which are discussed below.

  1. A Therapeutic bed mattress comes in different forms

Depending on a distinct medical condition, a patient may be prescribed one of the many forms of a therapeutic bed mattress- foam, air, water, and gel. Furthermore, these mattresses are sub-categorized as foam, low air loss, alternating pressure, lateral rotation, and bariatric. Each one of them serves a distinct purpose, yet all of them offer maximum comfort and relaxation to the patient.

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  1. Firmness of the different foam layers and zones help to prevent bed sores

Unlike spring coil mattresses, a therapeutic bed mattress has different foam layers and zones of foam firmness and densities which do not sag. In retrospect, it conforms to the curves of a human body while not casting a deep impression into the foam either. Actually, these mattresses respond to a body’s heat dissipation and only stay soft within that zone.

  1. Varied therapeutic mattress covers

Therapeutic mattress covers facilitate the ease of cleaning. These are water-proof, stain-proof, saliva and incontinence proof. Washing is easy and does not require special detergents either. Mattress covers for therapeutic bed mattresses allow ventilation and disallow the accumulation of dust or allergens.

  1. Adjustable bed frames

For maximum control and convenience of patients, adjustable bed frames are quite a popular choice. Therapeutic mattresses combine with different forms of bed frames, namely- automatic, semi and manual.

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  1. Cost-effective

A therapeutic mattress consisting of multiple foam layers to support individuals from various weight categories is extremely cost-effective. For instance, at any medical institution mattresses with 6-inch thickness should serve the best purpose for most patients. Also, these mattresses are designed to last long.

Therapeutic mattresses are designed for everyone and must be bought from a trusted manufacturer like Medtrica who manufacture medical products for healthcare facilities.