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Medtrica provides medical professionals with the items and materials necessary to care for their patients in every way. We have 3 manufacturing facilities located in Canada, and 2 sales offices – one in Langley, BC and one in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize only in durable and disposable 100% medical grade for everyday usage in hospitals, clinics, surgery centers and long-term care facilities. We are registered with the FDA, Health Canada, and TSSA for medical product manufacturing.

Medtrica manufactures high-value, high-quality medical products that are designed to optimize patient safety, patient comfort, and facility budgetary needs.

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  • 5 Benefits of Therapeutic Bed Mattress You Probably Didn’t Know About

    Therapeutic bed mattress helps troubled sleepers get a good night’s rest. Those who find it hard to get a satisfying rest at night, toss and turn quite a bit or often wake up in sweat, will find comfort and relaxation with a the...

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  • Know what are the Benefits of Velcro™ Safety Straps on OR Table

    It is a normal operating procedure to safely strap a sedated patient on the OR table, unless this part is double and even triple-checked, mishaps are bound to occur. As many case histories have emerged in the most recent times whe...

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  • Here’s How You Can Use Gait Belt for the Mobility Assistance

    A gait belt comes in really handy when you have to lift someone, transfer them to/from bed to wheelchair or simply assist them in movements. A patient needs to be at least partially capable of holding onto their own body weight. W...

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